Nikolaos Kavvadias - Research Scientist

May 31, 2014; office@home; my all-hardware, FPGA-based 2D
cellular automata shown on the left.

I have 15+ years experience in providing hardware and software development, design, consulting and support services. My services focus on:

  • Custom EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tool development. Visit the YARDstick and HercuLeS webpages for previous and ongoing projects.
  • System and processor IP development using VHDL or Verilog HDL
  • Technical writing assignments
  • Funding and support for developing high-level synthesis or ASIP synthesis tools

Pricing details and arrangements available upon request.

I am also on Twitter (as nkkav), Skype (as nikolaos.kavvadias) and LinkedIn (as Nikolaos Kavvadias). In addition to conventional media, I accept Paypal payments, ask for details if interested.

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